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Our Stress and Adrenal Support supplement is designed to help people who have mental and/or physical stress affecting their life and health, but more specifically, to revive the energy and health of people with weak adrenal glands.

During our routine wellness evaluation, we will test your adrenal glands through Ragland's Test.  This test is performed by having you lie down while we take your systolic blood pressure, then upon standing we immediately test your systolic blood pressure again in the standing position.  A person with weak adrenal glands will test positive from sitting to standing.

Here's how it works, when someone stands up, the lumbar nerves notify the adrenal glands that the body has changed its posture. The adrenal glands then immediately secrete adrenalin which raises the blood pressure in order to prevent you from getting dizzy or light-headed when you change posture. In addition, the nerves that exit your waistline, which supply the adrenals, must also be kept from any interference through corrective chiropractic adjustments and regular lifetime maintenance care.

The Stress Adrenal Supplement has been shown to help thousands overcome the harmful effects of stress and adrenal fatigue.  This test also helps us address the "S" in DREAMS.




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