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Corrective Chiropractic Care

When someone has spinal misalignments (subluxations), it will lead to Subluxation Degeneration if not properly treated. Corrective Chiropractic Care treats the cause of this degeneration. It is the course of treatment that can slow, stop, or even reverse the different phases of this process (listed below).

The spine is the most important part of your body that controls every single cell, gland, tissue and organ. It needs to be checked, corrected and maintained throughout life in order to have optimum health.


Normal Cervical Spine

Normal curves with equal disc spacing allow normal function of the spine and nervous system. Regardless of age, when spinal damage goes uncorrected, the body deposits calcium on the surface of adjacent bones that are not moving properly. If neglected long enough, the bones of your spine can fuse. This worsening process is called Subluxation Degeneration and if neglected long enough, this splinting effect can result in complete fusion. Researchers have found several phase of spinal decay.


Phase One

Phase one is misalignment and malfunction of the spine. Normal curves, disc spacing and spinal motion are altered. This early phase can exist without the warning of pain or other symptoms because the body is so adaptable. If left uncorrected, the degeneration continues.


Phase Two

On X-ray, Phase Two is characterized by bone spurs and calcium deposits with create rough edges on the bones of the spine. Vertebral discs and ligaments can degenerate for the lack of normal joint function. As in Phase One, pain or other symptoms may not be present.


Phase Three

Phase Three occurs after a lifetime of neglect (25 years or more). The physiological changes are joint immobilization, bone fusion, nerve atrophy and scar tissue. It reduces mobility and impairs nervous system function diminishing one’s quality of life.


What phase are you?

Ask your doctor to design a program of preventive care for you.

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